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Your Guru


Guru is a Sanskrit word which means "The one who dispels the darkness and directs one towards enlightenment." Dhyan Linga offers a way to start ones journey on the path of enlightenment, spiritual awakening with the help of our guru using various spiritual, mindfulness and physical activities.


Govind Singh


Hailing from India - The country where meditation, yoga and its practices originated. I have dedicated 15 years of my life practicing meditation in different ways doing yoga, exercises, training in different martial art forms, animal flow which helped me discovering new ideas and practices that enables one to bring their consciousness to the present moment we call as "NOW".

"BEING & being NOTHING opens a window to the realm to achieve, manifest and be anything which one desires."

- Govind Singh


The  teachings and practices focuses on enlightenment where one gets to know the true nature of being; Away from the statements and name you think defines you. Using different forms of practices one can raise the level of consciousness about them. My teachings have helped many people around the globe resulting in happiness, joy and pleasantness in the lives of many individuals, couples and families. Thus, the idea behind "Dhyan Linga" is to change the lives of many more people around to create a better world for one self, for others and for coming generations.  

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