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What We Create In Our Minds Is What We Manifest In Our Lives.

About Dhyan Linga

Dhyan Linga came from combining two words "Dhyan" and "Linga". Dhyan is a sanskrit word meaning a state of absolute focus and awareness within, while Linga is a symbol in Hinduism representing energy and strength. The two together describe the energy and strength of being in a meditative state.

Dhyan Linga is a Mindfulness and Fitness Community whose roots originate in India “The place of ancient holy spiritual, yogic and mindfulness practices”. It focuses on one’s contemplation towards themselves to bring energy, strength, focus, joy, and peace in their life through meditation, performing exercises, and controlled body movements to enhance physical, mental and spiritual capabilities.

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Dhyan Linga  focuses on improving both physical and mental aspect of a being as they both contribute towards living a happy and healthy lifestyle. With Dhyan Linga the vision is to create healthy and mindful environment bringing joy and peace in the society through exercise, animal flow, meditation and life coaching . 


Dhyan Linga is an idea originated from traditional Martial Arts Teachings, Meditation, Exercises and Body Movements. Its continuous efforts and practices have brought a positive change in the lives of individuals in all forms, thus resulting into founding of Dhyan Linga to influence lives across the globe on a bigger level.

"The thing about Meditation is you become more and more You."

- David Lynch

"Where there is Peace and Meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt"

- St. Francis De Sales

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