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Life is all that you believe! And, the belief that most of us have in regards to darkness is always negative.

Darkness is present within and around us in both physical and psychological forms. In this era, we all are so focused on the light that we don’t tend to understand the true nature of this universe

Darkness is not just a state where there is no presence of light. It’s the state where absolute “oneness” happens. Everything around you and within becomes one, everything good or bad becomes one. This state of oneness gives us as humans the power to realize the true nature of this universe and understand its existence.

Darkness scares people! But, the absolute nature of darkness is to make one aware of who he/she is. If one is calm and patient in the absolute dark state, it can bring the awareness and consciousness within that will make you aware of the true nature, power, and existence of you in this universe.

So, when you see darkness or find yourself in dark times consider it a gift because it has come to make you aware of who you truly are!

With one’s level of awareness, it can be used to grow and spread love and kindness around.


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